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Giochi de Carte

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Giochi de Carte
AuthorHoracio Galasso
Publication Date1593

Giochi di carte bellissimi de regola e di memoria ("MOST BEAUTIFUL CARD GAMES based on rules and memory techniques") was a book published in Venice by Horacio Galasso.

The book includes about twenty-five tricks with cards and methods used in card cheating, containing some of the richest collection of card tricks in the sixteenth century. The first trick is one of the earliest known descriptions of a stacked deck, using a Si Stebbins like progression, using an increment of four progression.

It was translated to English and published in Gibecière (2007).


Some effects include:

  • "A most beautiful game of rules and memory in which all the cards are called out, but none is called twice, and each is different from the other." - Uses a stacked deck along with the next 2 tricks.
  • "How to have anyone you like think of a card and know which card he has thought of."
  • "How to have someone pick a card from the deck and to know which card he has drawn"
  • "How to have someone think how many times he wants to drink at a meal or how many times he has been with a woman, or wants to, in one night" - an early example of the very old trick called The Tapping Trick or Tapping the Hours
  • "How to have someone think of a card and guess what it is." - now called the Twenty-One Card Trick
  • "The game of guessing how many pips there are under three piles of cards"
  • "The game of guessing three cards on top of three piles" which uses the "one ahead principle".
  • "The game of handing a card to anyone you like, and it then becomes another card."
  • "The secret to knowing the cards without seeing them"
  • "Another very beautiful mathematical game in which you have three items put on a table, each different from the other; for example, a cinquina, a half carlino, and a carlino, or three other tokens of three different sizes."


  • Gibecière Vol 02, No 02 (Summer 2007)
    • Giochi di Carte Bellissimi di Regola, e di Memoria — Horatio Galasso
    • Commentary on Galasso’s Giochi di Carte...e di Memoria by Vanni Bossi.

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