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How To Do Rope Tricks

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How To Do Rope Tricks
Courtesy of Doug A (magicref)
AuthorHarold Denhard
Publication Date1957


Illustrations by Dr. Eugene Gloye and Dr. L. Vosburgh Lyons, plus others ©1973 Magic, Inc., Chicago.

  • Fourth Printing 1974

Table of Contents to the Expanded Edition

  • 3 Harold Lee Denhard: a short biography
  • 4 Preface (Harold Denhard): introduction
  • 5 Tying and Untying Knots in a Cord Without Letting Go the the Ends: reprinted from L.L. Ireland and Carlton King's "Magic *From Our Notebook" 1932
  • 6 Tying Two Knots Without Letting Go of the Ends of the Rope: another variation
  • 6 Untying a Knot Without Letting Go of the Ends
  • 7 The Prize Winner Rope Trick (H.L. Denhard): a cut and restored rope trick utilizing an interesting "pull" gimmick
  • 12 Spinning a Knot (Paul Studham, H.J.G. Lehwald): multi-phase routine with a ring (3-6") and a rope
  • 12 Phase 1: The Hand is Quicker Than the Eye: two instant knots
  • 14 Phase 2: Double Quickness: another instant knot
  • 15 Phase 3: The Spinning Knot: knots appear and vanish in the center of a rope loop
  • 18 Phase 4: The Rope and the Ring: a ring becomes instantly attached to the rope under two knots; then three
  • 20 Climax: a cut and restored rope, method where a small bit is actually cut from the rope
  • 22 The Sun and the Moon (Don Tanner): a cut red and white rope reassembles itself when placed in a tumbler and covered with a cylinder, but the restoration changes the order of the colors. The covering is repeated to restore the rope to original. Requires a mirror glass
  • 23 The Ring on the Rope (Don Tanner): a rope and ring are dropped in a tumbler and covered with a cylinder. The cylinder is removed and when the rope is pulled out, the ring is on the rope (uses mirror glass).
  • 24 El Ropo (U.F. Grant): a clever short comedy bit; one man given short and long rope tied together, another given two long ropes tied together. When untied, they change places
  • 26 The American Indian Rope Trick (Syl Reilly, as told to Don Tanner): performer escapes from a rope tie
  • 26 The Dissolving Knot (L.L. Ireland and Carlton King): a knot slowly dissolves in the performer's fist
  • 28 Condensed Rope (Don Tanner): a 12 foot rope is removed from a tiny matchbox
  • 29 The Long Chance (Don Tanner): four ropes in a box, the performer gets the long one even though spectators have free choice of which too pull
  • 30 Kapering Kolors (E.J. Moore): rope with yellow middle placed around performer's neck, rope with red middle placed around spectator's neck. Ropes change places
  • 31 Walking Thru a Rope (Syl Reilly, as told to Don Tanner): spectator's tie performer to a board, but he escapes, leaving the rope intact
  • 32 Rope Magic with a Dye Tube (Don Tanner): white rope is dyed red
  • 33 On the Barrelhead (L. Vosburgh Lyons, M.D.; from Phoenix Magazine): shows the basic throw for the "chain of chance" or "loopy loop" sucker bet
  • 35 The Purloined Rope Trick (Phoenix Magazine): rope is looped and cut, forming apparently three rope segments. One knot is trimmed away, and the other vanishes.
  • 36 Not at All! (Dr. Wiener): a knot is tied to identify the middle of a rope, then the rope is cut on both sides of this knot, and is then restored
  • 38 The Stretching Gimmick (Harold Denhard): making a gimmick to store a long rope
  • 39 Professor Cheer Rope Tick: NOT an explanation, simply a description of the effect of this commercial rope trick
  • 40 Miracle Rope Effect (Tenkai): rope is knotted and cut, and then restored
  • 42 Adcock's Rope Restoration: another variation of the cut and restored rope
  • 43 Rope Thru the Wand (adapted by Walter Gydesen): a rope is tied around a wand with help of the spectator, and is then pulled through the wand
  • 46 The Mysterious Knot of '34 (Walter Gydesen): another instant knot
  • 47 The Passe Passe Knot (George Johnstone): a silk is knotted on a rope held by the spectator. Magician rubs silk with another rope, and the silk transfers to the magician's rope.
  • 48 Ringing the Changes (Louis Histed): two instant knots, with or without rings (3-6") added
  • 49 Ringing the Changes Again (Penrhyn): another variation
  • 51 Ropes In One (Hans E. Trixer): spectator ties a ribbon at any place on a 5 foot rope. Rope is cut at that point and then restored.
  • 53 One Come - To'Other Go (Lord Amwell): a rope is tied into a circle and a new knot is made in the rope. The rope is then cut into two, and the remaining knot dissolves, restoring the rope to a single piece
  • 56 Royston's Rope Restoration: another cut and restored rope
  • 57 Steal of the Red Knot (John Penrose): a white rope has a white center. A knot is tied in the center, and the red transfers to the knot. The knot is then slid off the rope, and the magician is left with a white rope that can be used for other effects.
  • 58 "Sajon' Cut and Restored Rope Wherein Eddie Joseph Reveals a Hyponoropetrix: cut and restored rope with patter and comedy ending
  • 61 The Impossible Knot (Martin Gardner): a knot is tied in a loop of a rope
  • 62 Jumping Knot (Scurtt): rope is cut and tied together, then the knot jumps off. An idea for modifying your current cut & restored rope routine.
  • 63 A Clean Cut (Wm. S. Boylston): an approach toward performing a "clean" center cut (good)
  • 65 Kinds of Rope: hints on tips on selecting and using rope
  • 66 Various Kinds of Rope Tricks: discussion of some gimmicks and other commercial effects available
  • 67 A Finish for a Rope Trick or Act: a comedy ending for most any rope trick
  • 68 Index
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