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John McArdle

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John McArdle

Cover of Genii (1948)
BornApril 17, 1887
Lexington, Kentucky
DiedFebruary 05, 1983 (age 95)
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John McArdle (April 17, 1887 - February 5, 1983) born in Lexington, Kentucky, was a New York businessman, amateur magician, author, publisher and collector. He was President of SAM Parent Assembly #1 (1945) and worked his way up to National President in 1948.


As a business man, McArdle was once affairs administer for the National Elevator Manufacturing Industry, with offices in New York City.

He was an expert in makeup, particularly character make-up. On the cover of Genii 1944 October, you can see him as Dante, Cardini, Herrmann the Great, and Cantu. In one public show of the S. A. M. in New York City, he got dressed up as Great Dante and took his seat in the audience. The emcee introduced him as Dante and when he was called up on the stage and did his act, there were many who were fooled for awhile into thinking he actually was Dante.

He was a self taught musician, playing both the piano and guitar. Another interesting accomplishments was his ambidexterity. He could write in the usual manner with his right hand and write the same word backwards with his left hand simultaneously. He also used both hands to draw sketches.

McArdle contributed articles to numerous magazines and won the first Linking Ring feature story for his articles on "Make-Up Magic and Costumes To Conjure With".[1][2][3]


  • HOCUS POCUS Junior, eighth edition facsimile reproduction with notes by John McArdle (1950)
  • Sa Rid, The Art of Juglimg or Legerdemaine, facsimile reprint (1952)
  • THE DISCOVERY OF WITCHCRAFT- by Reginald Scot, Esquire. An abridged replica of the first edition 1584 (1953)
  • McArdle's International Dictionary of Magitain (1963)
  • The Anatomy of Magic (1974)


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