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Jordan Count

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The Jordan Count is a false card display showing four cards as four while actually hiding the fourth card.

After the count, it leaves the cards in perfect order to do an Elmsley Count to hide the same card again.


First published by Charles Jordan in Thirty Card Mysteries (1919) under his Phantom Aces trick. Also described in Charles Jordan's Best Card Tricks (1992), compiled by Karl Fulves.

It was brought back to light again in 1963 by the British magician Francis Haxton.[1]

Many have also recreated this sleight over the years:



  1. Charles Jordan's Best Card Tricks by Karl Fulves, page 247. But in Epilogue no. 9, july 1970, page 72, Karl Fulves writes : " Fred Lowe pointed out that the Phantom Aces in Jordan Thirty Card Mysteries anticipated by nearly a half century the Four-As-Four or Ghost Count." It's only in Epilogue no. 10, November 70, page 75 that Jordan's 4-as-4 Count by Francis Haxton was described.
  2. Excerpt from The New Tops, December 1963 : "(This count) embodies the elements of the Elmsley Ghost Count, increases the application of the Ellis Stanyon Count, as well as the Elmsley, in that it can be done with a greater number of cards because of a controlled dealing action."