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Loyd's Master Manipulation of Thimbles

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Loyd's Master Manipulation of Thimbles
PublisherKanter's Magic Shop
IllustratorE. Loyd Enochs
Publication Date1931
SubjectThimble manipulation

Reviewed in Genii 1946 January

Loyd's Master Manipulation of Thimbles : A Treatise on the Science and Art of Manipulating Thimbles : Comprising Many New, Novel, and Original Conceptions : Equal to Personal Instruction.

Illustrated by Eighty-Four Line Cuts Drawn from Actual Photographs.


It is with a slight egotism that I offer this book to the magical fraternity. There is no question in my mind that every magician, amateur, semi-profesional or professional advances faster along certain lines in his work than others. Whether this is due to his likes or dislikes or natural ability along certain lines I cannot answer. I will leave this to the student of Psychology.

With a certain feeling of self satisfaction regarding my thimble manipulations, and the praise of certain magical colleagues prompted the writing of this book on a much neglected subject. After completion of the manuscript and drawings, I understand why the subject has been neglected.

Brevity and distinctness have been my chief aim. While it was my original intention to let each move blend into a continuous routine which I use, I have deviated from this plan with the realization that a routine suited to one performer would not be suitable for another. Also, the blending of the different moves creates originality. Many of the moves are in the nature of original conceptions, never having appeared in print before. In dealing with a subject on Sleight of Hand the author is only able to give a complete technical description of the techniques (with suggestions.) That is, if he wishes to write a book of this nature free from padding... The only thing possible to give on a subject of this nature, is the correct mechanical construction of the moves or sleights.

For all sleights are nothing more than a series of small movements synchronizing and blending, artistically into a whole or finished sleight.

And it is with sincere hope that my technical descriptions and illustrations are so clear that the reader is able to understand and master the construction of the sleights with little difficulty.

Leaving you to inject the art and misdirection so necessary to the finished performer.


Table of Contents

  • I. Thimbles -- Patter -- Advice
  • II. Fundamental Palms
  • II. Thumb and Finger Palm
  • II. How to Understand Illustrations
  • III. Master Back Hand Palm or Clip
  • IV. Over the Top Vanish
  • IV. Phantom Vanish
  • IV. Wrist Hide
  • V. Slow Motion Vanish
  • VI. Hook Vanish
  • VII. Solid Thru Solid
  • VIII. The Elastic Finger
  • IX. Sander's Color Change
  • X. Loyd Color Change
  • X. Pocket Vanish
  • XI. Loyd's One Hand Color Change
  • XII. One Thimble Handkerchief Penetration
  • XIII. It Will Fool Magicians
  • XIII. A Comedy Production
  • XIV. The Expanding Thimble
  • XV. Thru the Pocket
  • XVI. Vest Vanish
  • XVII. Up the Arm
  • XVIII. The Master Color Change
  • XIX. Climax Production and the Humble Holder
  • XX. Routines -- Loyd Routine
  • XX. The Climax
  • XX. Ghost Thimble
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