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Magical Arts Journal

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Magical Arts Journal
EditorsMichael Ammar and Adam Fleischer
First issueAugust 1986
Final issue1990
Total issues16

The Magical Arts Journal was a monthly magazine published by Michael Ammar and Adam Fleischer in the 1980's. Each issue contained effects, theory and stories on magic.

The first issue was published in August 1986 and the magazine ceased publication in 1990.

In Stan Allen's January 1989 issue of INSIDE MAGIC, it was reported that the Magical Arts Journal had not published an issue since Volume II, No 3 (April 1988) and that Michael Ammar had distributed a letter to all subscribers stating that he assumes full responsibility for the publication. It went on to say that Adam Fleisher did not made any attempt to fulfill his obligations and had moved, leaving no forwarding address.

The Issues

Volume I, No 1 August, 1986

Material in this issue: "Ring Band-It" Michael Ammar "Compressed Pen" Jay Sankey "O-C-I" John Samapaga "Dissolving Knot" Tommy Wonder

Articles: Editorial "Who is MAJ For?" Adam Fleischer "Booking Yourself" Sammy Patrick Smith "Restaurant Magic" Charles Greene "Cruise Ship Magic" Doug Anderson "Interview with Lance Burton" "Coin Finesse" David Roth "Ideas" John Cornelius "I Love Big Commitments" Michael Ammar

Volume I, No. 2 September, 1986

Editorial "Twelve Have Died" - Ben Robinson "The Secret Service" - Michael Ammar

Work and Money "How to Book Yourself by Phone" - Samuel Patrick Smith "Restaurant Magic - How to Get Hired" - Charles Greene "Cruise Ship Magic - What to Perform" - Doug Anderson

Performance "Incredible Coins Across" - Michael Ammar "Wallet Deck Switch" - Larry Jennings "Card Roll Down" - Marco Tendo "Impromptu Holey Terror" - Johnny Lindholm

Art "Coin Finesse" - David Roth "Ideas" - John Cornelius

Volume I, No. 3 October, 1986

Editorial "The Logo Changes" - Adam Fleischer "Secret Service Report 001" - Joe Givan

Work and Money "How to Book Yourself by Mail" - Samuel Patrick Smith "Restaurant Magic - The First Night" - Charles Greene "Cruise Ship Magic - How to Get Booked - Doug Anderson

Performance "Black Holes Thru & Thru" - Joe Givan "The Magic Napkin" - Johnny Lindholm "Slicker Coins Thru Silk" - Dave Berry "Original Card Rolling Production" - Marcia Tendo

Art "Ideas" - John Cornelius "Coin Finesse" - David Roth

Volume I, No. 4 November 1986

Editorial - "Knock, Knock" by Adam J. Fleischer Work & Money - "Booking Yourself" Series (Making it Pay & Contracts) by Sammy Patrick Smith Restaurant Magic - (Fees & Tips) by Charles Greene Cruise Ship Magic by Doug Anderson PERFORMANCE "Ring in Saltshaker" by Thomas Hierling "This Is Only A Test" by T.C. Tahoe "Harry Lorayne's Snapped" by Michael Ammar "Band Display" by A. Berkeley Davis "Signed Stunner" by Eric Mead ART "The First 30 Seconds" by Jay Sankey "Coin Finesse" by David Roth "Hat Juggling" by Charlie Frye

Volume I, No. 5 & 6 January 1987

EDITORIAL Double Surprise – Adam J. Fleischer The MAJ Mail Box – From Readers Inside Magic 1986 – Stan Allen Secret Service Report 002 – James Lewis New Waves – Michael Ammar

WORK & MONEY Restaurant Magic (Performance Tips) – Charles Greene The Comedy Club Circuit (Why & How Comedy Clubs?) - John Ferrentino Booking Yourself (Booking Yourself with Posters) – Samuel Patrick Smith

PERFORMANCE Business Cardfusion – Greg Eanes Mind Over Matter – Bob Nixon The Almost Human Cannon Ball – Jay Sankey Alchemy – Alphonso Alchemy Variation – Michael Ammar Lottery Fever – James Lewis “Old Wine in New Bottles” (Premiere!) Chip Of The Old Block – Mitch Williams “Theatre Pieces” (Premiere!)

ART Hat Juggling – Charlie Frye Choose A Spectator-Assistant – Jay Sankey Coin Finesse – David Roth Ideas – John Kennedy

Volume I, No. 7 February 1987

EDITORIAL Editor's Notes – Adam J. Fleischer Thoughts About Books – T.A. Waters Where Do You Stand? - Michael Ammar

WORK & MONEY Booking Yourself (Inspiring Yourself) – Samuel Patrick Smith The Comedy Club Circuit (How to Get Started) – John Ferrentino Restaurant Magic (Audience Participation) – Charles Greene

PERFORMANCE Elephant Rubber – Ray Kosby Day Of The Jack-Less – Joe Givan Clean Cut Rope Trick – Mitch Williams Coin To Bill – Alphonso

ART The Nature Of Your Audience – David Regal Hat Juggling – Charlie Frye Ideas – John Kennedy

Volume I, No. 8 March 1987

EDITORIAL The Vernon Chronicles – Stephen Minch Editor's Notes – Adam J. Fleischer Where Do You Stand? - Michael Ammar

WORK & MONEY The Comedy Club Circuit – John Ferrentino

PERFORMANCE Look Homeward, Angel – Dai Vernon Crossed Destinies – Dai Vernon Tale of the Treasury-worm – Dai Vernon The Twirl Link – Dai Vernon The Rendezvous Force - Dai Vernon

ART Hat Juggling – Charlie Frye Ideas – John Kennedy

Volume I, No. 9 April 1987

EDITORIAL The N.Y. Magic Symposium '87 – Adam J. Fleischer Editor's Notes – Adam J. Fleischer Where Do You Stand? - Michael Ammar

WORK & MONEY The Comedy Club Circuit – John Ferrentino Booking Yourself - Samuel Patrick Smith

PERFORMANCE Elbow, Knee And Neck – Daryl Limbo in China – David Roth Lingering Illusion – Jay Sankey The Double-Lift Pass – Richard Kaufman Spinning Silver - Peter Samelson

ART Ideas – John Kennedy

Volume I, No. 10 Mai 1987

EDITORIAL Editor's Notes – Michael Ammar The Use of Surveys – Ted Karbowski Thoughts About Words - T.A. Waters

WORK & MONEY The Comedy Club Circuit – John Ferrentino Corporate Magic - Mark O'Brien

PERFORMANCE Monty Hall Goes Close-Up – Jay Sankey Trick Photography – Richard Sanders One Every Minute – Rudy T. Hunter Five Hundred Percent – Gary Kurtz

ART Ideas – John Kennedy

Volume I, No. 11 & 12 July 1987

EDITORIAL Editor's Notes – Michael Ammar The Use of Surveys – Ted Karbowski

WORK & MONEY Corporate Magic (#2 – Industrial & Trade Shows) - Mark O'Brien Comedy Clubs (#6 – Physical Aspects Of Comedy Clubs) – John Ferrentino

PERFORMANCE Raise Rise – Ray Kosby Recurring Nightmare – Ray Kosby Tiecoon – Alphonso A Study On The Bluff Pass – Roberto Giobbi Peaks & Valley - David Regal The Vanishing Traveler - Alfonso

ART Ideas - Jamy Ian Swiss Ideas – John Kennedy

Volume II, No 1 February 1988

EDITORIAL What's Hot and What's Not – Jeff Busby Vital Signs – News Forum Editor's Notes – Adam J. Fleischer In Brief From Australia – Ben Harris Ammar Asks the Experts –– Michael Ammar On Publishing Magic Michael Ammar

ART Thoughts About Style Bill Wisch & Rocco Ideas (The Shot Glass Strategy In Action) Jamy Ian Swiss

PERFORMANCE MATERIAL The Trilogy Coin Act – David Neighbors Ring In Tea Bag– Lamont Ream Stand-Up Deck Switch –Roberto Giobbi The Card Trick That Fooled Vernon (The Card Through Handkerchief)

WHERE TO FIND THE WORK & MONEY IN MAGIC Corporate Magic– Mark O'Brien Comedy Clubs– John Ferrentino

Volume II, No 2 March 1988

  • Coins in the Fountain Pen by James Lewis
  • Fingers-Nose Do-as-I-Do by Martin Gardner
  • The Double Card Stab by Ream Lamont
  • Four in Hand Surprise by Chris Kenner

Volume II, No 3 April 1988

  • David Harkey's magic:
  • Pierced
  • In a Jam
  • Ring Worm
  • Pop Art

Volume II - issue 4, 5 & 6 June 1988


Editors Notes - Stand Up Cups & Balls (the result of 5 years of thought on the classic)- Thumb Tip Finesse (several new moves, combined with theory, on one of magic's most versitle tools) - Linking Bands Pinch - (Michael's touches on Dan Harlan's wonderful effect) - The Vernon Wand Spin (one of magic's most beautiful knuckle-busters, explained properly for the first time) - Martin Gardner's Impromptu Match (The Dean of Impromptu Magic speaks!) - The Two Card Trick (Michael's favorite card quickie) - The Linking Rubber Bands (Dan Harlan's Impromptu Close Up Blockbuster) -


Restaurant Routines (the Bending Spoon)- Professional Close Up (Street Magic) - Ask the Experts - Ideas (Jamy Ian Swiss) - On Magic Competition II (Ammar)

Volume II, No 7 & 8 Arcane Special August 1988

Special ARCANE Double Issue (material selected from the French magic magazine Arcane Journal)

Volume II, No. 9, 10, 11, 12 December 1988

  • Paul Harris, A Retrospective
  • Free Flight
  • Biological Shuffle
  • Tap Dancing Aces
  • An Instant Replay
  • Real World Invisible Palm
  • The Venezuela Vanish
  • Wack your Pack
  • Las Vegas Leaper
  • The False Count
  • Galaxy
  • A Night at the Improv… by Eric Mead
  • The Self Folding Bill by Stefan Schutzer

Volume III, No 1-5 - Aspen Bar Issue

Special ASPEN BAR MAGIC quintuple issue - 1989

  • Anatomy of a Magic Bar by Doc Eason
  • Editor's Notes by Michael Ammar
  • Elements of Bar Magic by Doc Eason
  • Relationship Strategies by Michael Ammar and Doc Eason
  • Bar Diplomacy by Michael Ammar and Doc Eason
  • Crystal Ball by Doc Eason
  • The $100 Card On Ceiling Thru Ceiling Fan by Doc Eason
  • Notes on the Multiple Selection of Cards by Doc Eason
  • Bogus Control by Steve Spill
  • The Magic Bartender Blues by Doc Eason and Michael Ammar (based on a song by Fred Rose)
  • Bar Bits by Michael Ammar and Doc Eason
  • The Coin on Forehead by Steve Spill
  • This Tip's For You by Bob Sheets
  • The Pocket O' Mystery by Michael Ammar
  • Michael Ammar's Bottle Production
  • Michael Ammar's Bottle Vanish
  • The Floating Bill (handling by Michael Ammar)
  • The Formula Series
    • Insert One: The Inverted Bell Curve
    • Insert Two: The Process to Effect Ratio
  • Mullica on Mullica by Tom Mullica
  • The Animation of Silver by Roland Gugganig
  • Breaded Fish by Jesse Dicamillo
  • The Glass Through Bar or Table by J.C. Wagner
  • The Legend of Alesha by Eric Mead
  • Boy Meets Girl by Eric Mead
  • Stuck On U by Lew "Loudini" Wymisner and Eric Mead
  • The Sugar Trick: Tribute to the Great Heba Haba Al by Bob Sheets