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O-Korto Box

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The O-Korto Box is a coin box matching an Okito Box, but made with a slightly undersized interior that appears to be spacious enough to hold four coins. In reality, the coins will not fit in the box. It was invented by Milton Kort.

Kort's O-Korto Box Routine requires a "set" of Coin Boxes, which have been sold by many magic dealers for years. The set consists of four pieces: one lid and three boxes: an Okito Box, a Boston Box, and the undersized O-Korto Box.


Originally, Kort's idea was to switch in the O-Korto Box after making four coins "penetrate" his hand with an Okito Box, in order to answer any wise guy. He would hand out the undersized box and challenge... "You think it's easy? Try it..."

Evenually, he worked out "The O-Korto Box Routine," a whimsical presentation of his TRICKY coin collection. The narrative provides built-in misidrection for the three switches between the Okito, O-Korto, and Boston Boxes.

Kort shared credit for various elements of The O-Korto Box Routine with Ron Bauer, Walter Wilson, and Ed Marlo, as well as Paul Fox and Al Saal.