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Portent is a blend of two subtle methods to create a very high impact mind reading/prediction effect by Gary Ouellet and Alain Choquette (1992).

Effect: Magi invites any volunteer to come onstage and shuffle or mix a deck of jumbo cards. The cards consist of a full deck, no duplicates, no missing cards. The volunteer slides one card out of the pile, leaving it face down on the table surface.

Volunteer turns the remainder of all cards face up, showing them to be all different (they really are).

Magician then does one of two things, depending on choice of presentation.

1) Magic points out that there has been a large envelope fastened to the rear wall of the theatre since the beginning of the show. Any audience member is asked to retrieve the envelope, and holding it high above their head, brings it to the stage. It is opened (by Magi or either volunteer) and one card is removed. Showing its value to the audience, the freely chosen card, still lying on the table, is then shown. A perfect match.

2) Magic points out that a large envelope has been hanging from the ceiling of the theatre since the beginning of the show. It is lowered, open and, as stated in the above routine, both cards match.

Strong points: ANY card can be taken. It will be different at every show. It is a free selection, not a forced one. The envelope really can be there from the beginning of the show.