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Richard Buffum

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Richard Buffum
BornRichard D. Buffum
March 5, 1921
Long Beach, California
DiedSeptember 23, 2003 (age 82)
CategoriesBooks by Richard Buffum

Richard D. Buffum (1921-2003) was a columnist for the Los Angeles Times (where he tried to sneak in magical topics for the public whenever possible) and publisher of Abracadabra Press starting in 1979. [1] [2]


He was elected into the Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame and received the H. Adrian Smith Literary Award.

Dai Vernon had spent a week at Buffum's home in 1965 putting his life story on audio tape. The tapes were eventually transcribed and used for the book The Vernon Chronicles Volume IV: He Fooled Houdini Dai Vernon A Magical Life (1992).[3][4]


Published by Abracadabra Press

  • Stanley Collins: Society Entertainer & Magic Collector (1984)
  • The Haunted Hat (1985)
  • The Magic- Shop (1988)
  • Henri Robin: Expositor of Science and Magic (1990)
  • Harlan Tarbell (1993)


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