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Richards the Wizard

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Richards the Wizard
BornRalph Bruce Ennes

Ralph Richards (fl. 1910-1930s) was a professional magician with a full-evening show of stage magic and crystal gazing as "Richards the Wizard". [1]


He toured mainly the smaller cities of the Southern & mid-Central States & Canada but his show was equal in size to the Thurston or Blackstone show. [2]

Starting in 1927, Leon Wagner (Mandrake, toured with Richards' illusion show for a couple years, before starting to build a night club revue.

In the 1940s, "Dr." Ralph Richards started used the airwaves and mail to defraud the public by promoting investments in oil, radio, and charities that only existed on paper. This eventually got him two Federal Prison terms. He was paroled from Leavenworth Prison in Atlanta, Georgia on December 1951. [3]


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