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Steve Bryant

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Steve Bryant

Notable worksThe Little Egypt Gazette/for magicians only

Steve Bryant is a magician and the author of several magic books.


According to Bryant's website:

Steve blames a Mysto Magic Set and a pair of books by magician Robert Parrish for an early fascination with magic at age 7. Additional influences along the way included a Nelson Enterprises catalog at age 12 that introduced him to the world of fake seances, books by Steranko and Harry Lorayne at age 16 that introduced him to card magic, and Magic Castle membership in Hollywood at age 22, which introduced him to the movers and shakers of 20th-century magic.[1]

Bryant lives in Bloomington, Indiana, with his wife, Beth. He has two adult children, Nathan and Sarah.

"Little Egypt"

The "Little Egypt" name Bryant has often used comes from the local name for the area in the extreme south of Illinois, near where he grew up. The area has towns named Cairo, Thebes, and Karnak.


The Little Egypt Gazette

When Bryant started publishing his monthly 40-page web magazine The Little Egypt Gazette/for magicians only in 1995, it was possibly the first online magic publication. It ran for 24 issues, with the final issue in October 1997. Almost ten years later, in August 2007, Bryant published one more issue as a "special edition."


Around the same time, Bryant also wrote for GeMiNi: The Greater Magic Network, the private online bulletin board of Stevens Magic Emporium. A collection of some of the columns from GeMiNi was published in 1997 as Virtual Foolery, edited by Jon Racherbaumer and T.A. Waters. The collection included Bryant's "Everywhere and Nowhere Goes Hollywood."


  • Bryant on Cards (1977)
  • Little Egypt Card Tricks (1991)
  • The Little Egypt Book of Numbers (2004)
  • The Little Egypt Book of Ghosts (2008)

Lecture Notes

  • The Little Egypt Gazette For Magicians Only: The Lecture '96 (1996)

Little Egypt Magic

Bryant's currently monthly web column is called Little Egypt Magic. It is published free at his website.



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