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Victory Bouquet

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Victory Bouquet
Victory bouquet.jpg
AuthorFrancis Martineau
EditorJohn Braun
PublisherSilk King Studio
IllustratorFrancis Martineau
Publication Date1944
SubjectPaper flowers

Reviewed in Genii 1944 September

Victory Bouquet on creating flower bouquets out of tissue paper and other easy to obtain supplies. However, he did not go into detail on effects with these bouquets because he assumed the reader already knew some.

Table of contents

3. Introduction
4. Requirements
4. Blossoms
4. Outside leaves or petals (calyx)
4. Springs
4. Spring reinforcements
4. Stems
4. Stem leaves
4. Stem wrappings
5. Folding the blossom
6. Preparing the stem
6. Cutting and shaping the spring
9. Mounting the spring on stem
9. Fitting the blossom on stem and spring
9. Shaping and applying the outside leaves
10. Stem leaves
10. Wrapping stem and leaves
10. Assembling the bouquet
13. A handy holder
13. A sleeve holder
14. Producing a bouquet
14. From the sleeves
15. Without a foulard
15. Production blossoms
15. Dart bouquets
15. Outside leaves or pedals (calyx)
16. Stem leaves
16. Stems
16. Uneven bouquets

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