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A Dream of Aces

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A Dream of Aces is Gary Ouellet's handling of MacDonald's Aces.

In mid 1992, Gary Ouellet taught his handling to Alain Choquette, so that Alain could use the routine to close his fifth successful television season. Alain also performed it in the middle of his live stage show, using a hand-held television camera and a large projection screen. Soon after, David Copperfield adapted the idea, but not the routine for his 15th CBS special.

The effect follows along classical Ace Assembly: The magician cuts a deck of cards and produces the four aces. Each ace is then covered with three indifferent cards. Three of the aces vanish from their piles and reappear together in one pile.

It was released as video and booklet by Camirand Academy of Magic in 1993.