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Anything Deck

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A card routine in Art of Astonishment, Vol 3 by Paul Harris (1996)


You remove a few cards from your wallet and place them under your card case. You then ask the spectator to name a meaningful word. Let's say it's rose. You use this word to help find her selected card. And the cards under the case? You slowly spread them, and large letters inked on the backs of the cards spell out a single word: ROSE.


  • Deep Astonishment by Paul Harris and Rodney Whitlock: Productized version of Anything Deck. Comes with cards, a wallet. (2002)
  • Deep Astonishment II: The Gypsy by Paul Harris and Rodney Whitlock. An updated version of the original Deep Astonishment. Includes a custom-made leather envelope and Gypsy Fortune Telling Deck. (2005)
  • Hash-Town-Ding by Stephen Tucker

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