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Change Bag

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A Change Bag is a magic prop used for productions, vanishes, exchanges of small objects like silks. There are many different types of change bags on the market, in many colors and styles.


One of the first appearances of the change bag first in print (used as a method to force a number) is in Philosophical Amusements by anonymous (1797, p. 7).[1]

In The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Magic, the prop was traced back to writing by Ponsin in 1854 (although not with the handle associated with change bags today).

In the August 1899 issue of The Mahatma (V.3, No. 2), Henry Hardin describes a description of the Change Bag he called The Plush Bag.[2]


  • Clear Change Bag - marketed by U. F. Grant as the "Transparent Change-Bag" in the 1960s[3], but Robert Harbin published in 1950 his "Visible-Invisible Change Bag" in Abra (Vol. 9, No. 227, June 3, 1950, p. 293).[4]


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