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Genii 2000 January

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Genii 2000 January
DateJanuary 2000
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  • Cover: The Magician as Detective


  • Page 08: (Editorial) Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
  • Page 09: (Article) The Mac King School of Magic, Lesson 56 by Mac King
  • Page 13: (Article) Knights at the Magic Castle by Jules Lenier
  • Page 16: (Article) The Magician as Detective - New Light on Erdnase by David Alexander
  • Page 28: (Article) A Geezer Interviews A Geezer - George Johnstone by Jay Marshal
  • Page 36: (Article) Los Angeles 6th Conference on Magic History by Richard Kaufman
  • Page 46: (Article) A Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities #11: Jacob Philadelphia by Edwin A. Dawes


  • Page 50: (Coin) Engagement Alchemy by Jeff Haas
  • Page 51: (Credit Card) Lunch Crunch by Paul W. Cummins
  • Page 52: (Card) The Card on the Window by Peter W. Tappan
  • Page 54: (Card) The Jennings Tapes - Glacier by Larry Jennings
  • Page 56: (Card) The Other Month - Prophet Sharing by Phil Goldstein
  • Page 58: (Ball) The WebbMaster - Segue to Color Change Section by Gregg Webb
  • Page 60: (Coin) The Schneider Technique - One Half Gone by Al Schneider


  • BOOKS REVIEW by Jamy Ian Swiss
    • Page 68: Magic in Theory by Peter Lamont
    • Page 70: The Gardner-Smith Correspondence by Martin Gardner
    • Page 70: Maurice Fogel by Christopher Woodward
    • Page 70: Clayton Rawson : Magic and Mystery by Michael Canick
    • Page 70: Magic in Fictions : A Short Title Checklist by Michael Canick
    • Page 71: Antonio Diavolo, A Souvenir of his Performance by John Gaughan

  • TRICKS REVIEW by Danny Orleans
    • Page 71: The Appearing Broom by Wayne Rogers
    • Page 72: Hoodwink by Ben Harris
    • Page 73: Completely Torn by Craig Alan

  • VIDEOS REVIEW by Matthew Field
    • Page 74: The Spirit of Magic : The Director's Cut by Dai Vernon
    • Page 74: Well Done by Lee Asher
    • Page 75: Five Card Stud by Lee Asher