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*Page 42: Two Years Before the Mast by [[Jim Steinmeyer]]
*Page 42: Two Years Before the Mast by [[Jim Steinmeyer]]
*Page 60-64: Late Night TV
*Late Night TV
**One Lucky Night by [[Jamy Ian Swiss]]
**Page 60: One Lucky Night by [[Jamy Ian Swiss]]
**Behind the Scenes by [[Steve Cohen]]
**Page 64: Behind the Scenes by [[Steve Cohen]]

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Genii September 2010 - Volume 73 - Number 9

Cover: Alex Ramon



==Magicana== By David Acer

  • Page 18: Bermuda Triangle by Yannick Lacroix
  • Page 20: Predictable by Alan Rorrison
  • Page 22: Baby Hugh-y by Marc DeSouza
  • Page 23: When They Were Kings by David Jade
  • Page 74: Instant Author by Eric Van Duzer

Light from the Lamp

Tricks Reviewed by David Oliver

  • Page 76: Russian Roulegg by Quique Marduk
  • Page 76: Extreme Brain Damage by Andrew Mayne
  • Page 77: Nailed by Gerry Frenette
  • Page 77: Color Changing Knife by Rodger Lovins
  • Page 78: Perfect Blank Deck/Six Wild Cards by Shimpei Katuragawa
  • Page 78: HappieAmp by Brian Happie

Videos Reviewed by Dustin Stinett

  • Page 79: The Magic and Mentalism of Barrie Richardson by Barrie Richardson
  • Page 80: A Life in Magic by Wayne Dobson
  • Page 81: Sleeveless Sleeving by Johan Ståhl
  • Page 81: V: Five Effects by David Forrest by David Forrest
  • Page 81: Forrest's 3 by David Forrest

Books Reviewed by Jamy Ian Swiss