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Julius Dresbach

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Julius Dresbach
Borncirca 1862
DiedFebruary 1944 (age 81)

Julius Dresbach (c.1862-1944) was a New Jersey and later New York professional card and coin magician, starting around 1910.


At the age of 19, Dresbach immigrated to the United States from Germany on December 15, 1881.[1]

He once worked with the Bamberg Magic and Novelty Company of New York, Martinka and later Carter the Great.[2]

A boyhood friend of Sam Horowitz, Dresbach became part of the New York Inner Circle around 1940.

He served as president of The Sphinx Club of Magicians in New Jersey (the NCA local No. 9.)[3]

Clinton Burgess in the Sphinx, June 1920, wrote of Dresbach, :"As an oil around sleight-of-hand marvel he is, we firmly believe, without an equal and one whom we are proud to state is undoubtedly the leading legerdemainist of the world, and we are ready to place him against any other man on earth in a contest of manipulative skill in pure sleight-of-hand. Brother Dresbach, through long and tedious practice, has no developed his hands that he can manipulate, and at the same time invisibly conceal, not only such articles usually handled by manipulators, such as cards, coins, corks, balls, eggs, thimbles, handkerchiefs, etc, but can also manipulate and at the same time invisibly conceal any shaped article of similar size; his movements are not strained and their naturalness leads one to believe his hands are entirely empty. Dresbach uses no fakes nor attachments of any kind, and all the manipulative dexterity exhibited by him is executed by pure sleight-of-hand only."

In the Revelations Video, in the Color Changing Silks section, Dai Vernon names Dresbach to be the inventor of the Dye Tube.



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