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Magic Man Examiner

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Magic Man Examiner
Issue 2
First issue1991
Final issueSeptember, 1992
Total issues4

Magic Man Examiner was a short lived Magic Periodical from Chris Kenner and Homer Liwag. The magazine was known for its excellent magic and satirical tone and lasted for only four issues.

Issue #1

  • Four Coins and a Filipino – Homer Liwag’s palms up and open four coins across routine.
  • Log Lady Smokes – Chris Kenner’s version of the Leipzig Cigar routine.
  • ForFourFor – Kenner’s technique for switching four cards with four others.
  • King Balloo’s Feast – Chris Kenner’s routine for the Cannibal Cards.
  • JBO – A routine by Kenner with a borrowed, shuffled deck. The magician removes and tables a prediction card. A card is selected and returned to the pack. The magician upjogs and removes three helper cards. These cards reveal the color, high or low and lastly the value. The prediction card is then shown to be the selected card while the helper card turn into the other three with the same value.
  • A review of Workers #1 and Imagication
  • An opinion piece on tips in restaurant work

Issue #2

Issue #3

  • The Mermaid’s Blessing – A Jay Inglee coin routine in which three coins vanish one at a time from the magician’s hands and appear in the hands of the female helper. The final coin appears inside a bag that the spectator has been holding.
  • Count Van Klause – Roger Klause's rourtine on shortchanging.
  • Ritchie Switchie – A card control by Richard Kaufman
  • Cool as Ace – A four ace production from Troy Hooser.
  • Just in Case – A playing card visually melts into the card case by John Carney
  • Two finesses by Michael Close
  • A “true” story by Mark Brandyberry

Issue #4

  • 501 Wonderful – Michael Weber's production of a card from the small change pocket of your jeans.
  • Booze and Caffeine Detector – Mark Brandyberry’s impromptu version of the Toothpick paddle trick.
  • Howdy! I’m Mac King and this is my count – A false count with cards by Mac King.
  • Aztec – A transposition card routine using two packs of cards
  • The Production – Chris Kenner cuts the deck into four tabled packets. The top card of each packet is revealed to be a king . The four kings are laid in a horizontal row on the table. The kings are slid away to reveal a coin under each.