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ProControl, "A Professional Approach to Card Control," is a hardback book which details a method of card control (specifically an atypical key card) that is accessible to beginners but deceptive enough to fool experts.

AuthorGary Ouellet
PublisherCamirand Academy of Magic
Publication Date1988

Table of Contents

  • Special Note by the Publisher
  • ProControl
  • An Overview

Chapter One: Concept and Technique

  • Key Cards
  • The Joker
  • The ProControl Card
  • ProControl Techniques
    • Cutting to the Key Card
    • The Normal Cut
    • The Drop Cut
    • The Swing Cut
    • Returning the Selected Card
    • Security Check

Chapter Two: ProControl Sequences

  • The Spread Pass (Paul LePaul)
  • The Overhand Shuffle Technique

Chapter Three: Applications

  • ProAces
  • Charlier Technique

Chapter Four: Further Applications

  • The ProControl Multiple Card Control
  • ProControl Variations
  • The ProControl Force
  • The New Break Method
  • The Flourish Drop Cut

Last Words

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