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The Homing Ring

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The Homing Ring
The Homing Ring.jpg
AuthorGary Ouellet
PublisherCamirand Academy of Magic
Publication Date1983

The Homing Ring was released as an single-trick instructional booklet in 1983, "The Homing Ring" is a finger-ring-and-rope routine by Gary Ouellet, and the sixth installment in the Camirand Academy of Magic's Masters of Magic series.

A heavy signet ring (which can be borrowed, but is more often introduced by the magician) vanishes repeatedly, first from the magician's hands, then from a length of rope, reappearing each time on one of the magician's fingers. The fourth of five phases requires lapping (and employs Ouellet's "Rear Shift Lap," which he first introduced in his 1979 lecture notes, Classy Close-Up), but an alternate sequence is provided at the end of the booklet that can be done standing.

Eight years later, in the July 1991 issue of Genii magazine, Ouellet published another vanish of a ring from a rope, called the Fireman's Pole Move (inspired by the Hirata Master Move).

Table of Contents

  • A Word from the Editor by Guy Camirand
  • Introduction by Ken Krenzel
  • The Homing Ring
  • What You Need
  • Performance
  • Phase One: Preamble - The Blowaway Knot
  • Phase Two: The Reverting Ring
  • Phase Three: The Supersonic Ring
  • Phase Four: Swindle Ring
    • The Rear Shift Lap
  • Phase Five: Boomering
  • Alternate Sequence: Ring Drop
  • The Last Word