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Full-deck false shuffle

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A full-deck false shuffle is a type of false shuffle, also known as a blind shuffle, that is, it's a shuffle which is not genuine. The purpose of a shuffle is to mix the cards; a false shuffle is designed to give the illusion of a regular, random shuffle, while allowing the magician to keep control of the placement of the cards. Full-deck means that the order of the entire deck of cards is preserved after the shuffle.

Note: Many of these shuffles maintain the cyclical order of the pack, but they give the deck a straight cut.

In-the-Hands False Shuffles

False Haymow Shuffles

False Overhand Shuffles

Optical Shuffles:

False In-the-Hands Riffle Shuffles

Strip-Out Shuffles:

One-Handed Strip-Out Shuffles:

Block Shuffles:

Unweaving Shuffles:

Waterfall Unweaving Shuffles:

False Weave/Faro Shuffles

False Weave/Greek Shuffles:

False Faro Shuffles:

False Hindu Shuffles

On-the-Table False Shuffles

Strip-Out False Shuffles

Triumph Shuffle:

Pull-Through False Shuffles

Unweaving Shuffles

Zarrow Shuffle

Rosetta Shuffle